Morning Walk benefits and tips!

morning walk

A healthy day starts with a healthy morning walk. Morning walk has many benefits but only if you do it correctly. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of the morning walk and the things we should avoid while going for the morning walk. First, let’s discuss why the morning hour of the day is important.
The morning hours have the least amount of pollution in the air. Fresh air has oxygen in abundance, along with other gases. When you inhale oxygen, it gets delivered to the cells.
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Why morning timing is important ?

The morning air is rich in negative ions and oxygen is negatively charged. So, the more the negative ions, the more the oxygen, and the better it is for breathing that air. These ions or oxygen in the air will help you feel rejuvenated and have a pleasant state of mind.
Walking also induces increase blood flow and flexibility in the muscles.
Studies show that walking increase the T-cells which slows down the AIDS virus.

Benefits of the morning walk –

Morning walk maintains the serotonin level which keeps stress and high blood pressure. It decreases the cholesterol level and helps in weight loss.
It protects us from most of the modern-day diseases like obesity, diabetes, prevent strokes and atherosclerosis and many more.
Waking with a straight posture helps tone abs.

Things to remember—

  • Always try to run in gardens, running on footpath or side of the road is dangerous and polluted which is harmful.
  • If you want to lose weight, all you have to do is to walk fast which burn your extra calories.
  • Avoid going for a walk after eating.

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