Best Shoulder Exercises

Shoulders help you lift heavier weights for almost all your upper body exercises, but having muscular broader shoulders gives you more of that v-taper look and enhances your overall appearance. I’m sure most of you already know about some effective exercises, like barbell military presses, seated dumbbell presses, and lateral raises. But, if you want to efficiently build muscle and avoid plateaus due to adaption it’s very important to switch up your exercises. Rather than going over the common shoulder exercises that you already know all about and you’re probably doing right now I’d like to go over five of the best shoulder exercises that you’re not doing.

Before starting please check our How to train your Biceps.

Anatomy of shoulder

Shoulder has main three Heads.

  1. Anterior 
  2. Medial/ laterior
  3. Posterior

To develop these three heads I am going to share with you top 5 exercises and their techniques. Before starting, first read our article on how to build bigger chest: the most scientific technique to build biceps because these are the supportive muscles. Remember, that technique of this part is also important.

 Regular lateral raises

To perform this exercise start by finding something sturdy that you can hold on to and grab it with your hand and walk your feet in nice and close to whatever it is that you’re holding. Lean away from it until your elbow is almost completely straight and locked out. Then with a dumbbell in your other hand raise it to your side until your arm and the dumbbell is parallel to the floor. We’re never raising a dumbbell with your arms straight you want to make sure that you keep a slight bend in your elbow rather than having it completely locked out.

 Incline frontal dumbbell raise 

Set an incline on the bench at an angle higher than a regular incline bench press but lower than sitting straight up. (Select something in between). You want to be leaning back at a little higher than a 45-degree angle. Hold both dumbbells at your sides allowing them to hang straight down and make sure you’re leaning all the way back against the bench. Bring your legs nice and close together so that your knees are touching and they’re not in the way of the dumbbells moving up and through raising. Lift the dumbbells straight up until your arms and the dumbbells are once again parallel to the floor since your arms are straight. Remember again to keep your elbows slightly bent then lower back down to your sides until the dumbbells are slightly behind your back, right around your butt, perpendicular to the floor. Raise back up and repeat

Barbell frontal raises 

Hang barbell in front of you, against your hips. Raise it straight up until it is directly in front of your eyes and parallel with the floor. Remember to keep your elbows slightly bent when raising and then lower back down to your hips. Try to avoid swinging your back as much as possible. It’s a good idea to select a heavyweight load that you may have to use a few cheat reps and use a little bit of momentum on the last one or two reps. But, for the most part, there should be minimal swinging during your set.

Let’s move on to the last one which will target all three heads of your shoulder at the same time.

Seated overhead shoulder press

Start seated with both dumbbells on your knees. Raise the dumbbells up under your chin into a position that looks like you’ve just completed a bicep curl so your hands are in what’s called a supinated position. With your palms facing your body, press the dumbbells over your head and as you lift them up you want to turn the dumbbells all the way around until your palms are now facing away from your body. As you press up you want to try to not flare your elbows out – the way that you would with a regular overhead press. Instead you want to keep your elbows a little tighter together. After locking your elbows out over your head, you want to lower back down and turn the dumbbells inward, back to that starting position and repeat.

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